I've been so lucky to help some lovely people (who say such nice things!):
"During Lockdown Cath has been supporting me through telephone consultations with a daunting paperwork decluttering project involving memorabilia and admin, both personal and inherited.

I feel very comfortable talking to Cath. She combines being extremely practical with having a natural understanding of people. As an excellent listener, she has a flair for perceiving and focusing on what is important to the individual. She is very encouraging and supportive and understands my barriers to decluttering and the emotions involved in the process.

Cath supports me to take the lead and work out for myself how I want to proceed, while always happy to offer advice and direction when required. I very much appreciate her flexibility in terms of the offering the type of support that works best for me.

Cath is extremely knowledgeable and has so many useful tips and ideas for solving problems. Her positive attitude is very motivating.

I'm so glad to be working with Cath, having tried to tackle this project several times before and always ended back virtually at square one. This time I know I will complete it!"

CH, Sussex

"After working overseas for three years while my UK belongings were in storage I returned home with several more clothes, ornaments, books etc and attempted to move into a two bedroomed flat.  It was never going to work.  I was in a catch 22 situation as the boxes took up all the space that I would have used to sort out the boxes.  I vaguely thought decluttering was what I needed.  I was very happy when I saw that Cath also includes helping after moving in her list of services.  On top of that I liked the friendliness and informality of her site.  This was a woman who would not judge me for not being able to sort my own life out.  We spoke on the phone and she was able to come over in a few days.  She has visited 3 times since. 
Why I like her is that it’s like having a really efficient, hard-working and sensitive friend helping you.  She had ideas about what order to do things in but was clear that I was in charge of decision-making.  I nevertheless wanted to follow her advice because it was so sensible.  She followed up her session with an email suggesting storage solutions specific to my needs, which I have implemented to great effect.  I recommend Cath as a skilled declutterer, a friendly adviser, and a source of very good solutions.  Sometimes you just need someone at your elbow to get your life sorted out."
DC, Hove 
"I had been thinking about getting help from a declutterer for a while but my husband thought I was a bit nuts! With running a business, raising a family and then, unfortunately, suffering a serious illness, things had just got on top of me and I felt we lived in a constant state of chaos which only contributed to the stress that I was under.

I finally decided I was going to go ahead anyway even though my husband was not on board. I felt if I could get my home environment sorted it would make a massive difference to our lives.  I did some research online and came across Cath’s website and something just resonated with me. 


Well, wow! I can honestly say this was one of the best things that I have ever done. I have had four sessions with Cath and she has helped me transform my home. For so long I have stood in my study not knowing where to start, making piles, then scooping them all up when I needed to use the room and just getting nowhere. In my first four hour session we achieved so much and after Cath left I continued and got it completely finished (although I was way slower on my own). Although exhausted after, I was elated and sent photos to Cath and my daughter at uni to show my lovely tidy organised room. I had 3 further sessions, one where Cath spent time with my daughter helping her to decide what things it was time to let go of so we can now redecorate her room in the grown-up style that she would like.


It took a while but my husband now agrees what a great thing it was to do and can see how much difference it has made to me (and therefore him too)!  Whoever thought I would get so excited about my newly arranged kitchen drawers! My family have all had to look at them when they visited! 


As well as getting organised the sessions were very enjoyable and I looked forward to them. Cath makes things extra easy by also taking things to the charity shop. This for me was a big part as it was all gone straight away rather than loading things in the car, then taking them out again when we needed to use it as I hadn’t had time to get there. Cath is so lovely and we had really great chats about all sorts! 


It would not be an exaggeration to say that meeting Cath has changed my life. I am so pleased I did this for myself at last. It’s a cliche but I wish I had done it years ago. 

SM, Hove 

"Cath was friendly, professional and easy to work with. We worked systematically through the stuff I wanted to clear and achieved an amazing amount in the 4 hours she was here. Having got the area clear, which had been a problem for so long, was such a weight off my mind and was worth every penny."  
SB, Lewes
"I found the experience energising and positive, you were supportive and non-judgemental, it felt easier to part with things that I have been holding on to for a long time with your encouragement. I liked that you weren't shy about sharing your own experiences and downfalls with me which helped me to feel less guilty about my habits.  The time went very quickly but we also seemed to accomplish an awful lot and it was worth every penny to have a process that would have taken me months of faffing and worrying condensed into a couple of visits. "  
KN, Rottingdean
"Cath was really professional and provided a great service. I had become quite overwhelmed with 'stuff' (old baby clothes, maternity/nursing clothes, toys etc) in our home. We hadn’t really got organised since moving and Cath helped organise me and sort stuff out in just a few short hours. It was a pleasure sorting with her! She understood and listened to what I wanted to achieve . Having things tidy and clear again (as tidy and clear as they can be with toddlers!) has been fantastic. Very liberating! It’s made it much easier to clean the house. We now have places to put things! (We didn’t even need to buy any storage) It was money well spent and I’d really recommend her and will use her again in the future I expect!"  
SK, Hove 
"I wasn't sure that the service I was looking for existed so I was delighted to find Cath's website! I'm pregnant and living in a small flat so desperately needed help making space for a new baby. Cath put me at ease straight away and I didn't feel at all judged for having let all my STUFF build up into an emotional disaster. We discussed my goals, motivation and priorities before getting started. Working with Cath, I made far more progress than I could ever have managed on my own. Cath's logical, supportive and considerate approach makes a daunting task seem far less scary and even fun! With Cath's help, I have three rooms which make a lot more sense now. This has really improved how I feel about my home and changed how I feel about my possessions, making it easier to let go of things that I no longer use, wear, need or want. The charity shops have benefited hugely too! I highly recommend Cath's service and look forward to tackling the next room with her soon."  
CS, Brighton