Downsizing & Senior Move Services

How can I help?

Do you need help decluttering and organising possessions in order to move to a smaller place?


Downsizing can be an emotional time but I aim to ease the stress for everyone involved, and, with compassion, ensure a dignified experience.  The process is very similar to my regular decluttering service but we go at a slower pace so you don't feel rushed and overwhelmed by the huge amount of decisions that must be made.  I am a good listener and very much enjoy learning about the history of objects and the stories behind them.  In this way, we will honour your possessions as you decide which to hold on to, and which no longer serve you.


It's important to give your unwanted items the best possible "afterlife".  If you'd like, I can help you to organise auction valuations and charity collections.  I also suggest ways to repurpose, reuse and recycle where possible so only broken or degraded items need to be thrown in the bin. 

Aside from the decluttering of possessions I can categorise the things you are going to take to your new place and help you unpack and organise them sensibly after the move.


Having specialist support takes the strain off family members, who might be geographically distant or too busy to help as much as they'd like. A further benefit lies in mitigating the stress of tricky family dynamics! During the process, I can liaise with family members as much or as little as you'd like.


If you'd like to know more about downsizing or senior move services then please get in touch to discuss your requirements and timescale.


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