FREE Initial In-Home Consultation
During the free consultation (up to 30 minutes) I will talk to you about your home goals and take a proper look at your problem areas.  Together we will agree on an action plan that suits your individual needs and priorities. 


Hands-On Decluttering & Organisation Sessions

Most clients find the optimum session length to be around 4 hours (£120) allowing us enough time to make decent progress with the task without it becoming exhausting emotionally or physically.  This said, you can choose any session length you like between 2 and 6 hours.  Prices operate on a sliding scale; sessions 4 hours or longer work out the best value:
2 hour session £80
3 hour session £100
4 hour session £120
5 hour session £150
6 hour session £180
Other costs
Parking will be charged at cost if you don't have a driveway or visitor permit.
Taking a boot load of donations to a charity shop, following a session, will be charged at £10.



I can’t emphasise enough how home organisation can change your life. No more time wasted searching for lost items and feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings. No more avoiding inviting people to stay or dreading someone dropping round. Remember you are not just getting an extra pair of hands, you are getting the guidance, support and expertise to stop you procrastinating, keep you on course, and actually get the job done! With my help you can regain control of your home and Rule Your Roost with pride.




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