• Cath Moore

Cull That Clutter - 120 Quick Wins!

Don't know where to start with your war on clutter? Here are 120 things you can let go of without too much soul searching:


  • Expired foods

  • Food you don’t enjoy - give to friend/food bank

  • Drinks you wont drink - e.g. Herbal tea/tea varieties/alcohol you don’t enjoy

  • Kitchen appliances/gadgets/utensils you don’t use

  • Plastic containers without lids & vice versa

  • Excess storage containers - be realistic about how many you really need

  • Fridge magnets - keep you fridge clutter free!

  • Cookbooks that don’t suit your lifestyle or don’t inspire you

  • Mugs/glasses wrong size or shape

  • Knives you hate using

  • Chipped or cracked crockery/glasses

  • Excess serving dishes - keep max number you would ever cater for in one go

  • Excess mugs/glasses - (remember you can hire glasses for free for parties)

  • Baking trays, saucepans & frying pans you don’t like using - too heavy/sticks etc

  • Cleaning products you don’t use or don’t like using. Stick to multipurpose cleaner.

  • Empty jars (only keep if you make preserves at least once a year)


  • Disliked/expired/sample size makeup, face, body and hair products

  • Makeup brushes you don’t use

  • Old hairbrushes

  • Hair styling equipment you no longer use

  • Unused perfume/aftershave

  • Expired meds/vitamin supplements

  • Excess bath toys - just keep a small bag or basket of them

Clothing, Accessories & Jewellery:

  • Anything with holes, faults or tears which you have not repaired/will not repair

  • Lone socks

  • Lone gloves

  • Formal dress unless it still fits and you know you will wear again

  • Event specific clothing - dressing-up/sports clothes for sports you don’t do

  • Any clothes you don’t feel good in

  • Old/poorly fitting/unsupportive/uncomfortable underwear/bras

  • Shoes that hurt

  • Shoes that you aren’t going to polish/repair/reheel

  • Old hair ties

  • Odd earrings

  • Disliked/poorly fitting accessories - hats/scarfs/belts/sunglasses/glasses

  • Jewellery that is not your taste

  • Broken jewellery you will not bother to fix

  • Excess coat hangers

  • Old/unflattering swimwear

  • Disliked handbags/purses/wallets

  • Broken/duplicate luggage


  • Books you will never read/never read again

  • Dictionaries or encyclopaedias which you can find online

  • Old school books/textbooks

  • DVDs you will never watch again

  • CDs you don’t enjoy anymore

  • VHS and Cassettes if you don’t have anything to play them on

  • Old phones & old phone chargers - check out MusicMagpie for a quick sale.

  • Old computers/laptops (wipe hard drive first)

  • Boxes from electronics and appliances

  • Old/obsolete computer game consoles/games

  • Mysterious electrical cords you haven’t used for over a year.

  • Craft projects you have had for years but not started or won’t complete

  • Items for hobbies you haven’t pursued for over a year

  • Unused/broken sports equipment

  • Old/expired batteries

  • Board games you don’t enjoy

  • Excess packs of cards


  • Catalogues - don’t be tempted to buy more stuff!

  • Phone books/Local trade directories

  • Takeaway menus

  • Old magazines/newspapers - if you need a specific article then tear it out and file.

  • Out of date vouchers

  • Old calendars and diaries - transfer any useful information and get rid of

  • Old birthday/occasion cards - if sentimental store in memory box or take a photo

  • Warranties expired or no longer needed

  • Bad photos or photos where you don’t recognise the people or location

  • Used notebooks half filled

  • Old instruction manuals - note the make & model number and find online.

  • Business cards of people you will never contact

  • Old course notes

  • Travel brochures

  • Used travel tickets


  • Old duvet covers and sheets with rips or holes or you just don’t like/don’t fit

  • Excess towels - keep 2 sets for family members and 1 set for guests.

  • Excess/unused blankets

  • Placemats/napkins/table clothes you no longer like or have duplicates of

  • Tea towels & dishcloths you don’t use

Living room:

  • Excess cushions & throws

  • Pictures/posters and objects you don’t like

  • Excess furniture which crowds the room

  • Excess lamps

  • Old dusty candles/tea lights

  • Scented candles you don’t like smell of

  • Sick/dead plants

  • Unused vases

Kids bedroom:

  • Baby items (once family complete)

  • Duplicate toys - e.g. 5 footballs - keep 2 at most and lose the rest

  • Toys your kids have outgrown

  • Toys which are broken or have missing parts

  • Toys not played with

  • Clothes that no longer fit, are torn or stained, or child refuses to wear

  • Shoes that are too small or damaged

  • Old cuddly toys

  • Arm bands and float aids once child can swim


  • Decorating/DIY supplies that don’t fit your current house

  • Garden/DIY tools you have duplicates of/never use

  • Camping equipment you no longer use

  • Bikes/scooters which are outgrown/broken/unused

  • Expired paint/varnish/grout/adhesive etc

  • Spare tiles you will never use

  • Duplicate ladders

  • Broken/excess plant pots

  • Broken/unused play equipment - Swings/Trampolines/Goals etc.

  • Rotten/cracked/rusted tables & chairs/loungers

  • Dead plants & shrubs

  • Unused/broken water butts/compost bins

  • Rusted BBQs

  • Unused BBQ Tools

  • Mouldy outdoor cushions/beanbags/hammock

  • Car cleaning paraphernalia never used


  • Gifts you don’t want- regift them or donate to charity

  • Dried out pens

  • Excess stationery: post it notes/pads/folders

  • Duplicate pen/pencil/paint sets - give excess to school/charity/art projects

  • Excess carrier bags - keep 10 at most and recycle the rest

  • Old store cards/credit cards - destroy the chip and throw away

  • Excess/usused pet bowls/beds/balls/brushes/toys/treats etc.

  • Broken/excess Christmas/Easter/Halloween decorations

  • Anything that makes you feel guilty or sad when you see it

A few key things to keep in mind:

1. Don't keep things solely because they were expensive - you have spent the money, keeping an item you don't like or use doesn't preserve it's value, it just reminds you that it was a mistake to buy it. Let it go and move on!

2. Be realistic about numbers when trying to identify excess. Think about how many of X can you really make use of and how many fit in the space comfortably. For example, it is better to have 10 mugs you love which are easy to access than 25 crammed in a cupboard with some of your favourites pushed to the back.

3. Be realistic about fixing things and/or selling things. Do you really have the time or inclination to do this? If not, don't beat yourself up, let them go (help a charity if possible) and move on.

Good luck and happy decluttering! If you'd prefer some hands-on help with decision making or organisation then do get in touch, I'd love to help you Rule Your Roost!