Decluttering & Home Organisation Service

What will I do?

I work with you to help you see everything in your home with fresh eyes. You may well decide to part with things you no longer need or love (or even knew you had!), but the decision to let go will always be yours.  Once you've decided what things you'd like to hold onto I show your how to organise and store them to best suit your space and lifestyle.  Finally I introduce you to new attitudes and habits so you can maintain an organised and tidy roost and prevent the return of disorder.

What do I offer?
  • a flexible and practical "can do" approach

  • the energy and efficiency to bring you rapid progress as well as value for money

  • patience and empathy to support you in making tricky and sometimes emotional decisions.

  • total confidentiality

  • ongoing support to keep you in control of your roost

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.