About Me

Cath Moore Founder of Rule Your Roost


Hello, I'm Cath Moore founder of Rule Your Roost 

My love of home organisation began early. As a child, some of my favourite days were our twice-yearly room "change-arounds". With my Mum, we'd sort through all my stuff, reorganise everything, and switch the furniture around. These room transformations made me feel positive and energised back then and they still do today! 


It's always brought me great joy and satisfaction to sort through, tidy and organise stuff. Luckily with a messy partner and a 10 year old daughter who loves to create and collect new things, I do get a regular decluttering and re-organising fix at home. 


Rule Your Roost was born out of a desire to pursue my passion for home organisation professionally.  In preparation, I began honing my practical skills on friends and family, did a huge amount of research into all aspects of the job, and joined and trained with the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (APDO). Since l launched my business in 2017 and started working with lots of different clients I have learnt so much more about home organisation but also about people! I really enjoy hearing about my clients' lives; about their families, interests, ambitions and motivations, their successes and their challenges. When I truly "get" the client I have the best chance of bringing about lasting change.


I'd love to help you too, I understand how quickly family life, a busy schedule, or difficult personal circumstances can result in a topsy-turvy home and lots of stress. You will find me solution orientated, creative and resourceful; I take great pleasure in repurposing old items and breathing new life into familiar spaces. I am also full of energy, practical and physically strong when it comes to the hands-on work - I love getting stuck in!


Please don't worry, I’ll never pressure you into parting with your treasured possessions. I understand that 'decluttering' can be an emotionally charged activity and I will always put you, my client, in charge of what happens to your items.  I'm no minimalist myself - I love my stuff too!  But to have a home to be proud of rather than an unruly roost you need to have the right amount of stuff, properly organised and in the right place.  Helping you get to that point and maintain it is where I come in.


I will help you make meaningful changes to get your unruly roost back in order and keep chaos at bay. Book your free consultation today and regain some breathing space!